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Product Update:

Due to Covid 19 delays we are currently working to fulfill our preorders. Once our preorders are shipped will be able to accept new orders. To stay up to date on when new orders will be accepted please subscribe to our email list. 

What is Luna Athleisure?

Luna Athleisure is an athleisure clothing brand created to serve four needs: the need for true comfort and support while exercising, hassle-free, smart design for nursing and pregnant mothers, and simple, European style derived from nature for all-day/all-night wear. 

The Mother's Line

We cannot serve from an empty cup. We give so much of ourselves to others from sunup to sundown and should be rewarded for taking time to replenish ourselves. Mothers deserve to be pampered. I want all mothers to own clothes they feel good in...ones that are comfortable, beautiful, functioning and versatile. From bras to sweaters, it's my mission to dress mothers in clothing they can wear comfortably and confidently from pilates to pie & lattes.

Designed & Crafted from Nature for True Comfort.

Not only are my designs inspired by nature, but they are derived from nature as well. I source sustainable, natural (organic when possible), and eco-friendly fabrics. The mills I utilize are USA/Canadian-based and meet the international certification organizations standards for green textiles.  

The Everywoman's Line

Whether or not you've experienced pregnancy, all women’s bodies are temples. We each have a unique body that deserves love and attention. 
My designs are made for all active women who love taking care of their bodies. Luna clothing will support you everywhere you need it, all while keeping you looking and feeling like the goddess you are.