Collection 1: Inspired by Kiruna, Sweden

My first collection is launching this month, June 23, and I want to share my inspiration for it with you.

When I began designing my own athleisure wear, I noticed my inspiration organically came from nature. While contemplating how I'd create my collections, I chose to use inspiration from my trips, since travel is a huge part of my life. For my first collection, I chose to pull inspiration from my trip to Kiruna in the Swedish Lapplands. 

​My dad is a Swede and went through military service in Kiruna, Sweden, just north of the arctic circle. He has always wanted to show us (my younger sister, brother and myself) Kiruna and hike to the top of mount Kebnekaisa, the highest peak in Sweden.

In summer of 2018, we finally went.

We took a short, 3.5-hour flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Kiruna. Shortly after we touched down, we jumped onto a 45-minute bus ride and then on a 15-minute helicopter ride to our final destination, Kebnekaisa Fjällstation basecamp.

​It was beautiful!

Basecamp was nestled in a gorgeous valley looking up at majestic peaks. Due to the harshness of Sweden's winters there aren't many trees. Instead, lush grasses and bushes set the scene.

In summer, the grass is green, the waters are bright blue, and the flowers are vibrant.

It's here at basecamp that I began photographing the beautiful nature around me as color inspiration for my first collection. I specifically noted particular blue-violet wildflowers, called liten blåklocka. 

The dark black stones that covered most of Kebnekaise provided inspiration for the collection's basic black legging. Giant stones found on the mountain, carved out by ancient glaciers, provided inspiration for my future two-toned, grey legging design.

Tiny, yet resilient, pink Glacier Buttercup flowers growing on Kebnekaisa's mountainside provided the inspiration for some future pieces as well (anyone coming to the launch party June 23, 2019 will get a sneak peak of these!)

Unique fluffy, cream grasses, called Polarull, carpeting the ground provided the color inspiration for my super-soft coverup sweater.

The climb to the summit of Kebnekaisa was the second hardest thing I have ever done, only surpassed by the natural tub birth of my daughter! It was extremely challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Throughout the hike,  I just kept thinking that if I could do this, I could do anything. To keep myself going, I was particularly thinking about my business and having the courage to truly pursue this dream, which in many ways symbolizes this climb:

It is a long road and I won't know what exactly to expect, but I just need to take it one step at a time and, in the end, it will be more than worth it. ​

I will also have the support of my family along the way and that is so important to me. While I'm on the topic of my amazingly supportive family, I want to give a special thanks to my amazing sister.  She is not only a beautiful soul (inside and out) but she is also a wonderful photographer, web designer, graphic artist and marketing guru. She has been beyond helpful with my business since I started. I am so lucky to have her as my sister and friend. Check out her website at  

Thank you to everyone who has been following my journey.

I am so happy and excited to finally share my collection with you next Sunday, June 23, 2019!

Be sure to set your calendars for the Kickstarter drop and be sure to sign up for the emails for updates on the products. You can R.S.V.P. to the launch party online if you are near the Milwaukee area and would like to attend.

And, if you can't make it in person, no worries! You can still check out the Kickstarter starting on June 23 and preorder your favorite pieces.

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